Easy to programme,
artistically excellent 

Enchanted Seasons will enhance any festival or outdoor event programme and instantly captivate a crowd

Enchanted Seasons

Do you need something amazing to complete (or complement) your seasonal event programme?

What would happen if we took a moment out of our busy lives so that we could appreciate everything that is miraculous about life on earth? Enter Enchanted Seasons. They bring with them the freshness and beauty of the natural world. They will stop you in your tracks and you will stay with them and share a mesmerising moment; a moment in which you’ll remember the joy and wonder that surrounds you.

There is a character for each season which can be booked as a solo, duo or 4 person piece, depending on the scale of the event or the season of the year it’s held in.

Winter is coming! Want to know more? Click link below to see full details on this fabulous festive act.

If you want entertainment that is easy to programme, with no complicated setup, but is of the highest artistic quality, book Sorcha Ra’s Enchanted Seasons street theatre act. They will engage and enchant a large crowd in seconds.

This highly crafted act slots perfectly into a bigger bill, works really well in many different situations, and requires no staging.

“Brilliant” – Charlotte Baldwin

“Absolutely amazing” – Nancy Oliver

Combining live music, contact juggling, physical theatre and the gentlest of clowning, Enchanted Seasons offers audiences a touching and breathtaking reminder of the beauty which is always in view but often out of sight. 

This act is perfect for all seasonal and outdoor events such as festivals, celebrations and parties – anywhere you’d like to add a natural touch.

Sorcha’s work has previously been featured at festivals and gatherings around the world, such as Whitstable Oyster Festival, Hampton Court Flower Show, Glastonbury Performing Arts Festival, Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, Linz Street Festival, Austria, and Jersey Street Festival.

This work was created with support from The National Centre for Circus Arts and Labtime.


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  • “I booked Sorcha for a series of outdoor events in Egypt, she was the perfect crowd pleaser. Both adults and children are in awe of her skill and flawless performance. Not only is she a great performer but a very efficient, friendly and easy person to work with. I recommend her very highly to anyone looking for a fun, beautiful and unique performance.”

    LAUREN SCHOFIELD, Account Manager, Contraband Events
  • “You were brilliant and went down a storm.”

    CHARLOTTE BALDWIN, Arts Office, Hillington Council
  • “Delightful costumes, always helpful and friendly and a true crowd pleaser, Sorcha is exactly the kind of entertainer that makes me delighted to put on events.”

    ANNA STRICKLAND, Director, Missing Link Productions
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